About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I am an entry level accountant, wife, and mother of a fur baby named Pork Chop (a big, lovable cat).  I love to cook, read, write, and I’m also a knitter and a fiber spinner.  Born in Joliet, IL, uprooted to small-town Missouri, and back again.  My family came through Ellis Island from Italy in 1913 to find work in the United States.  They chose Joliet as their home, and 4 generations later, I was born.  After 17 years of being away from the suburbs of Chicago, I’m planting my feet on familiar ground.  My life has come full circle, and I’m ready to start again.

Life in Missouri was difficult for me, and I was always looking for ways to get back to Illinois.  I moved further south for eight years, the came back to be closer to family. I soon remembered why I left.  Life was slower, jobs were less diverse, and the closest large city was three and a half hours away.  Even the mall was in a town over an hour away.

The shopper in me craved downtown shops and stores galore.  The nerdy side of me wanted museums, operas, jazz, blues, theater productions, and diverse cultures, all within reach from home.  The foodie in me desired more diverse tastes.  What my life needed was the suburbs, and gyros, lots and lots of gyros!

So journey with me as I start my life over again, exploring familiar ground, and taking new adventures.  Explore the sites, tastes, travels, and ups and downs of living in the suburbs.