Homemade Gnocchi Recipe Testing

You know those last few potatoes out of that 5 lb bag? And you are thinking, “I do NOT want to eat mashed or baked potatoes AGAIN”? That was me this weekend. I always try to use up everything before it goes bad in the fridge. While it’s budget friendly to buy potatoes in bulk, it is very hard for two people to eat them all.

Potato gnocchi to the rescue! Budget friendly, using only four potatoes, flour, and one egg, and also NOT mashed or baked potatoes. I used this recipe from Delallo.com and I wondered why I have never attempted gnocchi before? Here are some tips I learned along the way:

Tip #1: Use Russet Potatoes. Several recipes I read stated that Russet potatoes had the right amount of starch for holding the gnocchi together. Using different potatoes will yield a different texture of gnocchi.

Tip #2: Smooth out the dough before adding flour. I did not have a potato ricer as per the recipe, but the trick is to get your potatoes smooth BEFORE adding the flour. If you try to kneed a smooth dough with lumpy potatoes, you will end up over working the dough. This will make tough gnocchi.

Tip #3: Use pastry flour or semolina flour. For pillow soft gnocchi, use pastry flour or semolina flour. I used whole wheat pastry flour for soft yet durable gnocchi. They were fried then baked and didn’t fall apart while remaining soft in texture.

Tip #4: Add just enough flour so the dough is not sticky. Add a cup of flour at a time. Just when the dough comes together without being sticky, stop kneading.

Tip #5: Add herbs or cheeses to the dough if the gnocchi are to be served on their own. Simply fry the gnocchi in clarified butter or olive oil flavored in garlic and serve with vegetables. For gnocchi that will be served with a flavorful sauce, simply salt the water they are boiled.



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