7 Day Clean Eating Challenge, Day 4

I didn’t do as well yesterday (Thursday), but I think I did stay within 1500 calories, I still have today and the weekend before my final measuring and weigh in. No recipe for you guys today, but tomorrow night I will be cooking up some tasty Italian Turkey Sliders, so recipe should be posted by Saturday! Here is how yesterday (day 4) looked:

Breakfast: (6:30am) 1 Whole Fit & Active Turkey Sausage, 1 Whole Grain Waffle, 2 tsp Dijon Mustard

Snack #1: (10:00am) Zucchini and Carrots dipped in Fit & Active Cucumber Ranch

Lunch: (1:00pm) 3oz Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Thigh with 1/2 c mashed potatoes and 1 C cooked Broccoli.

No Snack #2 yesterday, I was still feeling full!

Dinner: (6:30pm) Date night! I was good, ate semi clean. Ate a Gyro with no extra sauce and no french fries. Pita, meat, and veggies only.

Workout: (8:00pm) FitnessBlender No Equipment Upper Body and Abs

So I yesterday consisted of a little more carbs, but I didn’t over indulge, and still managed portion control. I did feel super sore yesterday when working out. Monday I felt really great and made it through the whole workout, but yesterday I found my self wanting to take breaks. At one point while doing the bicycle crunches, I just had to stop and do regular crunches. I’m still working through the muscle soreness part!! Today is lower body workout, so probably going to be working through some leg soreness tonight.

Other than the soreness, I feel good and awake, slept better last night, only woke up twice during the night. I feel full after I eat and don’t feel starving in between meals. I don’t know if it was the Gyro I ate last night, but I did have a lot of dreams last night! Here’s to the next three days!





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