Clean Eating Challenge: Aldi Grocery List and Meal Plan



  • 1 lb Fit & Active Turkey Sausage $3.69
  • 3.71 lbs Chicken Thighs $3.67
  • 3.34 lb Bone-in Pork Chops $7.98
  • 1 lb Ground Turkey $3.29


  • Whole Milk $1.79
  • 3 Dozen Large Eggs $2.07
  • Low-Fat Cottage Cheese $2.29
  • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Blend $2.79

Canned Goods:

  • 5 cans tuna $3.25
  • Marinara Sauce $0.99


  • Italian Seasoning $0.99
  • Garlic Powder $0.99
  • Olive Oil $3.19
  • Minced Onion $.99
  • Dijon Mustard $0.99


  • Zucchini $1.60
  • Baby Carrots $0.99
  • 4 Cucumbers $1.96
  • 3lb Organic Spring Mix $3.49

Frozen Section

  • 3 (1lb) bags Broccoli Forets $3.57
  • Peas $0.95
  • Brussel Sprouts $0.99


  • 12 pk Hawaiian Sweet Rolls $1.99
  • White Vinegar (for cleaning) $1.58
  • Gallon Freezer Bags $1.99

Total with tax $68.44

Some of the Items will last us two weeks, so next week we will only spend about $40.00, which puts us within our normal $50.00 a week budget. We spent just a tad over because we needed freezer bags, white vinegar for cleaning, and some spices we were out of.

My Meals:

  • Breakfast: 1 Homemade Whole Wheat Waffles with 1/2 Tbsp Strawbery preserves and 1/2 piece of Turkey Sausage (baking ingredients and preserves on hand)
  • Snack 1: 1 cup Zucchini & Carrot Sticks with 2 Tbsp Fit & Active Ranch (on hand item)
  • Lunch: 2 cups Spring Greens with Tuna Salad (1 can of tuna, 1 Roma tomato, 1 stalk celery diced, 2 Tbsp Ranch, 1/2 tsp dehydrated onion, dash of black pepper, dash of garlic powder)
  • Snack 2: heaping 1/2 c Cottage Cheese with 1 C diced Bell Pepper and Cucumber
  • Dinner: Small portion of planned dinners for the week (see below)

My husband’s meals will be a bit different as he usually just eats whenever since he works night shift. This is what he will probably eat based on the groceries this week:

  • Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs and a waffle with pancake syrup
  • Lunch: whatever dinner leftovers we have
  • Snacks: Apples and/or hard boiled eggs
  • Dinner:Medium sized portion of planned dinners for the week (see below).

Dinners for the Week

I usually plan out three meals and cook enough for about 5 people so we can eat the same thing another night and hubby can have some for lunch. We usually eat dinner out for date night once a week but we may refrain this week and just grab a snack instead so we will see!

  • Dinner 1: Dijon Mustard Chicken with Broccoli
  • Dinner 2: Pork Chops with Peas & Couscous (pantry item)
  • Dinner 3: Italian Meatball Sliders

I will post the dinner recipes throughout the week as well as the meal prep I had to do tonight. I also plan to give updates to how the clean eating is going, how many calories I’ve eaten based on my meals, and if I am hungry or not!





photo credit: Aldi Food Market Grocery Store via photopin (license)


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