Fashion Forward Friday: H&M Haul

If you read my last post about my mini H&M haul, you know I purchased just a few items for only $21.  Not anything fancy, but I bought one grey baggy t-shirt (only $9.99) and a light tan tank top for only $5.99, that I can dress up or down. I also bought a cute pair of dangle earrings for only $1.00 and a collar bone length necklace for only $3.00.  I loooove this necklace, as not only is it metallic, which goes with everything, but it has both warm tones and cool tones, so the combinations with this piece are endless. I also am excited chunky chains are in style right now. It’s one of my favorite jewelry looks.

Below are some ideas I created in Polyvore (the two shirts are the same ones from H&M I purchased) of how you can dress up or dress down your t-shirts this summer. I actually own a pair of ankle length coral colored pants that I bought from Burlington Coat Factory for less than $10, so I am most excited to try that look first. I definitely recommend H&M and Burlington Coat Factory both if you are on a budget and need a few versatile pieces.

Here are some things that are in fashion this summer that will help you dress up your summer t-shirts:

  • choker and collar bone length necklaces
  • lace up shoes
  • chunky chained or baroque jewelry
  • pleated skirts
  • frayed denim






office street wear

Hopefully you will be inspired to add some of these fashions into your wardrobe this summer, enjoy!


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