So this is a challenge that I am going to be following starting Monday. If you have read any of my prior posts (click here), you know that in July I want to start a new series for my budget blog. Every 30 days, I will try a new diet, and see if it can be done on a budget. I will be posting before and after photos, as well as take my weight and measurements before and after the 30 days.

On my Instagram, I will be posting my meals, as well as regularly update my blog on my progress and how I am feeling. The first diet I am starting with in July is the Whole30, which is a Paleo diet, only more strict! I am picking up the book next week, so I’m excited for that!

What better way to prepare myself for this than a 7 day eating clean diet. I am eating semi clean already, so this will help me to reign in and tweak my eating habits just a bit more before my Whole30 journey. By eating semi-clean, I mean that my husband and I only eat out once a week, and we don’t regularly stock junk foods or bring pre packaged foods to work for lunches. We cook mostly meats and veggies during the work week, however, we snack on the weekends and don’t eat as healthy as we do during the work days.

The 7 day clean eating challenge officially starts on Monday, so if you would like to join, view the blog post here about how you can do so (why not, it’s free). The meal plans have also already been posted, just click the link below, so you can plan out your shopping and prep your foods this weekend.

(If you are not in my challenge group.. ignore post. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN OR WANT MORE INFORMATION, EMAIL ME AT fitness@jennifermorejon.com ) Choose ONE QuickStart Guide below. Follow that plan for the first 5 days of the challenge. THEN choose your meals from the menus at the bottom of this page […]

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