H&M Mini Haul Preview


I hate ordering online. I heard about how affordable H&M was several years ago, but I didn’t live near one at the time. I have always wanted to order from H&M, but I am just that person who absolutely has to try something on, because I’m short and curvy, and things just don’t hang the same on a 5’7″ slender model as they do a 5’3″ curvy size 8.

Now that hubby and I have moved, our local mall as an H&M, and I just now found this out yesterday!! Woo Hoo! This store is amazing for someone on a budget. They always have amazing sales, and their regularly priced clothing is very fashionable and affordable as well. I spent only $21 yesterday and purchased two jewelry items and two shirts. Nothing super fancy, but it’s how they pair with items I already own that I am most excited about.

Can you believe these geometric earrings were only $1? Long dangle earrings are in for 2016, but most runway options are bulky. Tho I love that look (bulky chains are also in, which I loooove!), I think these earrings are more wearable for the office, yet still very in style. They were originally $7.99, which is still very affordable, even without the price markdown.

I fell in love with H&M yesterday. If you are on a budget, I also recommend Burlington Coat Factory. I purchased a super cute pair or coral colored pants last month, and I can’t wait to show you how it pairs with one of the shirts I purchased yesterday. I have only worn the pants twice, as I was really looking for a certain style of shirt to pair with them.

I am at the moment, working on updating my work outfits and as well as my casual weekend wear. It’s been about 5 years since I have really changed my style, so I’m excited! Also, some of my outfits I have on hand right now I have had for more than 5 years. I have t-shirts that I have had for 10 years!

I am definitely going to purchase more from both H&M and Burlington. I am a college student plus work a regular 40 hr a week job, so it all has to be within my budget! Hopefully I can inspire you to seek out affordable options for all of your fashion needs.

If you have any fashion tips, I would love to hear them! I am looking to create a wardrobe where items can layer and mix and match. Please share your looks with me!

This is just a sneak peak, stay tuned for tomorrows post!


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