Brunette’s Top Five budget Paleo Lunches


So this week, my budget blog goes paleo.  I eat semi paleo, but I could never eat that way 24/7! It just doesn’t fit into my budget right now. I do love my meat and veggies tho, and have noticed a big difference in how I feel when I cut out the extra breads/carbs and sugars. Here are my top 5 recipes paleo recipes that can fit into a small budget. Enjoy!

  1. Paleo Chicken Fajitas

Pictured above is what I’ve been eating for work lunches this week. I must say, I actually do not miss the tortilla shells. This is my own recipe, so here’s what you do:

Roast four chicken thighs at 350 deg F. for 30-35 mins. Set aside to cool. In the meanwhile, slice three bell peppers (I did one red, one yellow, one green) and one large yellow onion. Season with paprika, cumin, salt, and pepper. Roast in the oven at 400 deg F. for about 30-45 mins until the onion is soft and translucent. (Technically, you can just saute your chicken and veggies in a pan, but I just threw it all in my oven.) Shred the chicken apart after it has cooled down a bit and toss with the cooked veggies. You now have a mixture of peppers and chicken that will last you for 5 lunches, about 1 cup servings. I serve mine with cauliflower rice. I did my rice without the onion, since it was already in my fajita mix.

2. Paleo Chorizo Stuffed Peppers

While this recipe uses a lot of pricey seasonings, any seasoning your family loves will do. If you do have these seasonings on hand, stuffing peppers with meats and in season veggies is a smart way to get in your daily amount of vegetables without going over budget. If you are on a super tight budget, use half the amount of meat in this recipe and add 2 1/2 cups of cauliflower rice instead. I often stuff bell peppers with left overs and top with a fried egg. Whatever your budget, and whatever you have on hand will work for stuffed peppers. You can follow the above recipe (which is delicious!!) or be creative, it’s up to you.

3. Paleo Avocado Tuna Salad

This recipe only has four ingredients, plus salt and pepper to taste. Avocados are often less than $1.00 when in season, and canned tuna is always budget friendly. Just be mindful to watch the ingredients of the canned for added salt, oil, or preservatives. Frozen salmon could also be cooked and flaked up ahead of time. Whatever works for your budget!

4. Paleo Noodles with Shrimp

Ever since I have been reducing excess high GI carbs, I have fallen in love with zoodles.  If you don’t have a Spiralizer, you can make ribbons with a vegetable peeler or a julienne peeler. If you have a mandoline, you can use the julienne setting on that as well. Zucchini is often only $1-$2 a lb, and you can find frozen shrimp on sale from time to time. I have even seen people make noodles out of sweet potatoes! If you are really on a tight budget, leave out the cheese (which is optional anyway) and bacon.

5. The Ultimate Paleo Sandwich Rolls

I have made this recipe several times for breakfast sandwiches and I love it. If you are going Paleo and are craving a sandwich for lunch, give this recipe a try. This recipe uses applesauce and a small amount of flour, and makes four rolls. If you are really tight on funds, and can’t stock up on different Paleo fours, buy a Paleo baking mix instead.

Hope everyone enjoyed this list. Share some of your favorite budget Paleo recipes below in the comments. Tomorrow we will look at some budget friendly dinners, woo hoo!




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