BrunetteBudgets Talks Paleo Diet

Video by PictureFit

Dieting is so difficult when on a budget. Hubby and I have been slowly changing the way we eat  for the last two years now. With me being diagnosed with PCOS, and him being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, we have cut several things from our diet.

It has been a year since I have purchased a bag of sugar (brown or white) and about the same amount of time since a loaf of bread has been in the house. Slowly, I have cut back the amount of honey in my tea, and although my husband still drinks whole milk, I myself have been cutting back on dairy.

Last week, despite all of our healthy eating, Robert found himself in the hospital with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Now not only do we have to continue to watch what we eat, Robert has now sworn off even occasional indulgent snacks and has to take two different types of Insulin. I now find myself further investigating different diets, and how they will affect our current grocery budget.

So let’s talk Paleo. Can a Paleo diet be done on a budget?

At first it seemed feasible, just fresh meats and veggies. That is until I found out all the meats had to be grass fed. Not only that, but the Paleo diet cuts out legumes and grains, which are really budget friendly, not to mention substituting beans and quinoa is a great way to get in protein when meat is not affordable.

While the Paleo diet has both good and bad factors, as the video above shows, I think that by going completely Paleo will not be suitable for someone on a budget. I do, however, think that by going Paleo-ish, you can get the benefits of eating healthy AND sticking with your budget.

Tips on becoming Paleo-ish

Instead of buying only grass fed meats, buy lean proteins, and occasionally substitute your meat with beans or quinoa. Fruits and veggies can replace unhealthy snacks and fill you up with vitamins and fiber, but buy only what is in season. Remember that buying organic will always be more expensive, so buying from farmers markets will help reduce costs on those items. Also, buying frozen produce maybe a cheaper option if you must buy items out of season. Lastly, the Paleo diet cuts out processed foods and sugars. While you may be tempted to reach for convenience foods, there is a way to make meals from scratch and stay within a budget. Find recipes that use five to six ingredients or less. The less complicated a recipe is, the better it is on your budget. If you do find yourself needing to buy pre packaged foods, find options that are low sodium and preservative free, as these are not going to be helpful to loosing weight.

Want to know more about the Paleo Diet? I found the below videos extremely helpful and full of information. This week on my blog will be all about the Paleo diet. If you are still convinced that the Paleo diet is for you, I will be finding the top budget friendly Paleo recipes and sharing, so stay tuned and keep budgeting!



Video from TEDx Talks

Video from Carpe Diem


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