DIY Lean Cuisine Teriyaki Salmon with Quinoa


So as always, I was at Aldi and found some super cheap items and decided to make a sort of diy Lean Cuisine for work lunches this week.  All it took was a box of Salmon Burgers, one box of quinoa w brown rice, and one package frozen brussel sprouts. 


The Salmon Burgers were 3.99, and there were four servings.  The teriyaki flavor was so delicious!


This box of quinoa and brown rice was only $1.49 and had four 1/2 cup servings.


I bought two bags of brussel sprouts, $0.99 each.  Two 1.5 cup servings per bag.

This made four lunches for $1.87 each. The only precooking I had to do was the quinoa and the salmon.  I left the brussels frozen.  I then divided into four freezer safe containers and heated up in the microwave at work for about two mins on high.

Each lunch is 273 cals and contains 16g protein.

I have found I eat so much healthier when I plan out my work lunches.  I also made up some diy breakfast sandwiches, stay tuned for those.

Share your diy Lean Cuisine meals below!


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