Vanilla Scented Blueberry Porridge with Honey Drizzle

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved breakfast anytime of the day…she had blueberries in the freezer, honey on the counter, and hot cereal and oatmeal in the cabinet.  Little did she know these four budget friendly ingredients would soon satisfy her craving for the night…..
Porridge.  All I know about porridge is that Goldilocks only ate the stuff that was ‘just right’.  So ya know, google is my best friend, and I looked it up.  Apparently porridge, according to the google definition, is a dish consisting of oatmeal or another meal or cereal boiled in water or milk.  Aha! Now we’re cookin!
To be honest, I’m not a fan of oatmeal, but loooove cream of wheat.  I think it’s a gummy-oatmeal-texture thing.  I always have oatmeal on hand tho, you never know when those oatmeal no bake cookie cravings will hit you.  I came up with this recipe trying to figure out what to do with these frozen blueberries I had in the freezer.  Lets just say Pinterest is another one of my daily used online friends.  I stumbled upon an awesome recipe by Recipes that Crock that involved oatmeal AND cream of wheat AND blueberries.  Mixing oatmeal and cream of wheat?  Now why didn’t I think of that?
Cream of wheat is a little more pricey than oatmeal, so combining the two is a great way to stretch the budget. Using frozen berries is also great way to get your favorite fruits when they are out of season (and more costly). Adding in a whisked egg white while cooking will give you more protein if you really want to keep yourself full for a long long time and stretch your food budget even more.  I’ve read through many a Pinterest oatmeal recipe that egg whites really make the oatmeal nice and creamy.  I usually add egg to my husbands for more calories and to bulk up the meal for him.  I get my honey at local farmers markets or craft fairs.  Honey from the store is usually pretty expensive and the cheap stuff isn’t pure undiluted honey at all.  Here’s what you need for this recipe, hurry, go to your pantry!!
Recipe serves one
1 c water
1/4 c rolled oats
2 Tbsp cream of wheat
Whisked egg white (optional!!)
Generous handful of thawed frozen blue berries or fresh blueberries
Milk (or almond milk or even cream, hey its your food!)
dash of vanilla extract (optional, taste just as good without the vanilla scented part)
Honey or agave nectar
Combine first 3 ingredients in a small sauce pan over medium-high heat.
Add just a small pinch of salt and stir until just starting to simmer and thicken (cooking time depends on the type of oatmeal, just read your instructions on the container for guidance on this)
If using egg white, now is the time to add, stir stir stir until thick and creamy (about one min)
Add just enough milk or cream to make the porridge to your preferred oatmeal/porridge consistancy.
Stir in your blueberries and add a dash of vanilla extract, and pour into your favorite bowl
Drizzle with your desired amount of honey or agave nectar and enjoy your porridge while still warm. (Fuzzy slippers are also optional at this point.)

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