Milk Infused Tea.


When my siblings and I were sick or complained of illness, my great-grandma, would whip us up her remedy.  Brought over from Italy by her grandparents when she was four, she had the Italian/American upbringing that passed with her.  She liked to be called Nana, (Derived from the Italian word for grandma, Nonna).  Her remedy?  Warm milk and honey.  It was so simple, pop a mug full of milk in the microwave with some honey until warm and serve to little hands. Now as an adult, there is nothing more comforting than a warm cup of milk.

I hardly think that milk and honey really cure anything, but the soothing goes such a long way, it really does make you feel better.  Most times Nana would offer cantaloupe and grapes as a snack when we came over her house.  Sometimes cookies would be up for grabs, and for Christmas she would whip up dozens of Pizzelles, but if it was a cure for an ailment you needed, Nana’s cure all milk was there.

After buying some blackberry tea that was too sweet on its own, I decided to steep it into warm milk instead of water, and thus, a new comforting addiction of warm milk was born!  I have not tried this with any other teas besides berry flavored teas, but let your taste buds and cravings take you to the flavors you desire.

All you need is a mug of your choice and the following ingredients:

8 oz Milk

1 tea bag of mixed berry or blackberry tea

Honey or sweetener of your choice


Place milk into a microwave safe mug and heat on high for 1 1/2-2 minutes, depending on your microwave.  You want the milk to be hot enough to sip slowly but not scalded.  Carefully remove the mug and steep the tea bag into the milk for 1-2 minutes.  Remove the tea bag and sweeten to your taste.  Put on the most comfy pj’s you own, sit back, and enjoy!


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